Google Invests In Another Texas Wind Farm

Google has invested in another wind energy project. This one is worth $75 million and produces 182 megawatts. The project sits in Carson County just outside of Amarillo. While Google does not just use wind energy to power it searches and services, it does work very hard to reduce its carbon footprint.

Google has been investing millions upon millions of dollars in renewable energy over the past few years. The search engine giant has been using energy from the wind farms and putting that energy back into local grids to help reduce their carbon footprint from their server centers. The idea is that the company can power itself to a degree, reduce its carbon footprint and allow for local grids to get power from their farms.

Not only can Google make money on its wind energy portfolio, but it can keep its image as a green and energy-conscious company high during these strained times in the energy sector.

Texas is already the largest producer of wind powered electricity in the country.

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