Pennsylvania State University Wins Collegiate Wind Challenge

Pennsylvania State University has taken first place in the Collegiate Wind Challenge hosted by the United States Department of Energy.

This competition asked undergraduate students from many different majors to build a light weight and portable transportable turbine that was able to operate simple electronic devices. The students were allowed to work with groups to develop this device and a business plan on how to market it. The competition was held by the American Wind Energy Association at this conference that was held Las Vegas. The conference ran from May 5th to the 8th.

Blatter Energy which is a provider of renewable energy construction was a support of this competition.

The competition allowed businesses to support the next generation of Wind industry professionals and their fresh ideas on how to solve the countries’ energy problems.

An industry spokesperson stated this competition prepares students for real life challenges and prepares them to face these challenges as they enter the workforce. Private energy companies and higher education need to work together to ensure the Wind market which is the fastest growing market within the world succeeds and the United States will have a bright future within Wind energy.

The design that won will be on show at the Department Of Enery headquarters located In Washington, D.C. The Remote Wind Power System Unit is a small wind powered turbine that can make power emergency situation and to romote areas. Other contests participants that entered this competition include Boise State University, James Madison University, University of Alaska, Northern Arizona University, and many more top schools.

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